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Launching Demons' Electric Division

Did you want to be able to ride year round? ATVs not available on a trail? Or want to get some exercise in?

With the launch of the Electric Division, we at Demon Powersports would like to introduce you to our new line of high quality products, our electric bicycles and accessories. Fitting right in with our line of products, the Electric Division features two Fat Tyre bikes, the Thunderbolt SL and the Thunderbolt, which will allow you to continue to ride in all conditions and all terrains so you never have to feel disconnected with the power you desire.

The Fat Tyre helps riders grip on ice and sand, while also reducing the impact of bumps that you'll also encounter while riding off road or on trails by absorbing the shock in the tire. Our comfort saddle makes it possible to ride for hours on end amplifying the comfort effect from the fat tyre.

Our commitment to quality has led us to design a bike with high quality components without sacrificing your wallet. Our bikes feature Samsung batteries, Shimano gearing systems and many more extremely well known parts. Our hydraulic braking system reduces the amount of pressure required to be applied to the brake levers to make it easier to brake in all conditions.

Furthermore, with 9 levels of pedal assist or the thumb throttle, you will be able reach the desired level of speed with minimal or effort or the maximum speed of 32 km/h like we know that some of you want to get to. 

The Thunderbolt SL and the Thunderbolt come in many different colors. Check out the Thunderbolt SL or the Thunderbolt now!

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Daniel Praught - November 23, 2023

When are the e-bikes available for sale?

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