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How to Install Demon Heavy Duty Axles

In this video, we show will you the basic steps of removing old axles & installing brand new Demon axles.

Tools Needed:

  1. Cotter Pin Puller or Needle Nose Plier - To remove and install the cotter pin
  2. Wrench Set - To uninstall/install the wheel hub and castle nut
  3. Torque Wrench - To make sure everything is fastened to factory torque spec


  1. Remove Cotter Pin
  2. Remove Hub
  3. Apply force to remove Axle from Differential


  1. Inspect Axles to ensure there is no damage before installing
  2. Remove Castle Nut
  3. Apply a small amount of grease to help slide the splines and clip
  4. Insert outer CV into trailing Arm / A-Arm
  5. Hold CV Joint Housing Only [Holding the boot may cause damage]
  6. Push the inner CV housing into the differential until you can hear the retaining clip snapping into its groove
  7. Try to pull the inner joint with some force to make sure circlip is engaged so the joint cannot be pulled out easily
  8. Fasten the hub to factory torque specifications
  9. Insert Cotter Pin
  10. Re-assemble all components

Still having a problem installing Demon Axles?

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