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Plan for the Perfect Riding Weekend

An axle is an integral part of your machine and riding experience. however, it is an aspect that is overlooked many times. If you have ever broken a CV axle on the trail you know how important it is to carry a spare every time you ride. For those that have never broken a CV axle trust me when we say your weekend could be ruined if you don't have a spare axle. 

When prepping for a ride people don't consider the scenario when a CV axle breaks.  The axle function is to transfer torque from the differential to the wheel which is what causes your machine to move forward. If a CV axle breaks then power is lost to that wheel and will feel your machine pulling. This means you won't be able to keep up with your buddies and can ruin the weekend however if you carry spare CV axles then you can do a quick swap while on the trail and be able to catch up to your buddies!!

When it comes to the decision of how many spare axles you should carry you also need to consider the whole trip and how much space do you have in your machine. Since space is already limited with the other essentials like your cooler with food and other goodies. 

Unlike automobiles where the motor is in the front, for UTV's, ATV's and SXS the motor is in the rear. So the power is initially transferred to the rear differential and then supplied to the from differential through the propeller shaft. This means your rear axle is the most important. Also if you notice when in 2WD the power is supplied only by the rear axles.

This makes the rear axles the most important. When riding if you have issues with the front axles you can always switch to 2WD and continue on the trail. However, if it is your rear axles that go then the trip comes to an end.  Our recommendation is to at least carry 1 rear axle at all times to ensure you are never left on the trail. For the majority of vehicles, the rear axles are the same on both sides so carrying one will always ensure you never lose out on the weekend. 

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