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Demon Powersports sets up at Rally on the Rocks featuring ZBROZ Racing

Date: May 15, 2017

Location: Moab, Utah

Huge shout out goes to for providing us with booth space and for taking us on an incredible trail ride through Moab, Utah during Rally on the Rocks 2017. The turn out was huge this year with over 200 vehicles in attendance. The trail was one incredible experience. Utah has to have one of the best scenes for trail riding. Along with the magnificent view comes a very challenging terrain that is not recommended for any beginner. Utah is home to incredible rock terrain and dunes, all of which are a very close distance, it's never a dull moment trail riding in Moab.

Moab is primarily a rocky terrain environment, experience and the knowledge of getting through tricky situations is vital. There were many things nature had to offer around the trails we had driven through, one of which was an abandoned cave filled with Uranium. After extensive riding, we eventually ended up a few thousand feet above sea level, words couldn't describe the breathtaking view overlooking Moab.

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