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Teixeria Tech upgraded Yamaha YXZ 1000R with Demon Heavy Duty Axles

Teixeira Tech upgrades Yamaha’s paddle shifter YXZ for improved handling, capability, and safety while flying through the woods.

Ed Teixeira reached out to UTV on Demand and asked if they would like to come to California and put their personal YXZ1000R SS trail build to the test. Bristling with production and prototype suspension upgrades, plus a number of hop-ups from other top aftermarket manufacturers, we flew out and met up with CT Racing engine’s owner and Off-Road racer, Allen Knowles, to evaluate the car’s performance. Testing took place at the Drinkwater Flats OHV area and El Mirage in the California high desert. Allen has previous experience driving the standard shift YXZ at Yamaha’s first press intro at the Glamis sand dunes and he is typically full of valuable insight.

While Yamaha’s OEM Axles have proven stronger than other manufacturers, Teixeira felt an upgrade in axles was still in order for racing applications, so they swapped out to a set of Demon Powersports Heavy Duty Axles. They’re constructed of heat-treated 4130 Chromoly and feature a dual plunge design and thermos plastic polyester elastomer, (TPEE) boots. A larger diameter axle, increased CV joint size, wider articulation angles, and increase in plunge are all said to add up to an increase in strength. Our two days of filming easily put them through a couple rough cross country races worth of abuse with no failures, issues, or play in the CV joints to report. It’s a performance that many stock axles would struggle to duplicate.

Check out the full YXZ build parts & video here:


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