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Cody Bradbury & Corbin Leaverton Make A Comeback in Texas

RedBull Ranch Scramble - Decatur, TX 

 After showing success at the RedBull Sand Scramble in December, Cody & Corbin were ready to redeem themselves from their previous bad luck in Texas.

 Cody Bradbury & Corbin Leaverton Race


Cody had a great practice run and made minor adjustments to be more prepared for the heats on Saturday. 

Corbin experienced overheating issues during practice. With the help of Hess Motorsports, he was able to upgrade his cooling system at the track and solve his overheating problem

Texas race Cody Bradbury & Corbin Leaverton


Cody had a successful first heat race, finishing 2nd against a stacked field. Corbin didn’t have the same luck. In his heat his fuel line broke, causing the rear of his car to catch on fire. Luckily Corbin was able to extinguish the fire quickly with minimal damage to his car. After a quick prep, both Canams were ready for the main. 

The main was a land rush start, 3 rows of 7 cars deep. Cody had a great start coming out 4th into the first lap, Corbin in 7th from the second row. Cody battled his way into 3rd place, and Corbin into 5th where they finished.  

Thank you to all of our sponsors for their support & help getting us to the races!

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