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Unleashing the Thunder: Meet the Speed Demons of Team 904!

Team 904 has been a force to be reckoned with over the last few years when it comes to UTV Racing. Since their inception in 2018, Team 904 has achieved multiple podium finishes and championships at various off-road racing events. So, who does Team 904 consist of? Let’s take a dive into some of their racers.


Team 904 is composed of eight racers, five of whom we were able to interview at King of the Hammers in February of this year. Those five include Byron Staratt, Mike Park, Austin Warren, Chris Smith, and Ricky Layman. All five of them use a Can-Am Maverick X3, equipped with our Demon X-Treme Chrome Finish Race Spec Axles. 

Byron Staratt is the founder and one of three owners of Team 904, along with Mike Park and Austin Warren. In late 2021, after about four years of dominating mud racing as a team, which includes CMR, short course racing, and more, they decided to begin competing in Ultra4 racing.


We had the privilege of interviewing the members, which allowed us to gain insight on their individual racing backgrounds, the team’s racing background and their opinions on Demon Powersports aftermarket ATV/UTV axles and customer service. While talking about our axles, Mike Park said, “They don’t fail. They are there when we need them… If the cars in a bad spot, we just power out of it and they stay with us”. He also praised our ability to get parts to them quickly as well as our knowledge of the vehicles and how they perform during various events. Chris Smith also commended our durable axles, stating that they performed above expectations; “Last year I ran the X-Treme series all through Mid-America. No failures whatsoever”. 


Overall, Team 904 has been stirring up the UTV racing scene over the last couple of years with the help of our X-Treme HD Axles. We wish them the best of luck competing in the Ultra4 and other competitions and hope that they can continue to be an impactful force within the community, shaking up the standings and bringing home some championships.



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