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Congratulations to TMF Racing family on their great success at CMR!

TMF Racing Team is purely dedicated to mud racing and performed very well this year bringing a bunch of wins.

Bill Ford and Elizabeth April of TMF Racing dominated the American tough mud tracks of Texas once again in both the Championship Mud Racing and Highlifter Mud Nationals along with Canadian Championship Mud Racing.

Championship Mud Racing – Race Results

Bill Ford – 1st Place Overall in Supermod Class, 2nd in Pro Class, 2nd in Pro A Class and 3rd in Bogger Class

April – 1st Overall in Women's Class

Kids – 2nd and 3rd in Youth Class 1 and 2


Mud Nationals Texas – Race Results 

Bill Ford – 2nd in Supermod Class, 3rd in Pro B Class


Canadian Championship Mud Racing – Race Results

Bill Ford – 1st in Bogger Class, 2nd in Supermod Class, 3rd in Pro B Class

Brook – 2nd in Youth 1 Class 


Besides, Bill Ford added that we have been using Demon Axles for 2 years now and they have been the best axles that we have ever used. They have proven themselves time after time with very aggressive trail riding and extreme mud racing with high horsepower ATV’s and UTV’s.

Demon Axles are very durable, cost-effective, double plunge design with a great warranty. TMF Racing has won above all Canadian and American Mud Championships using Demon axles. TMF Racing only uses the best products in the market and Demon Axles have proven to be just that!

We really appreciate Demon Powersports as our title sponsor for CCMR as well as TMF Racing.

Bill Ford

TMF Racing & CCMR

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