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Congratulations to TMF on their success at CMR

Canada's own Bill Ford and Elizabeth April of TMF Racing dominate the American Mud tracks of Texas once again in both the Canadian Championship Mud Racing and Highlifter Mud Nationals. 

Racing multiple Demon Powersports equipped Can Am vehicles, Bill managed to place 3rd place in the lite class, 3rd in the bigger class with his Can Am Outlander in the CMR.

Bill also secured a 1st place in the pro lite class in his Can Am Renegade. His equally talented wife placed 1st in the woman's class.

TMF Racing is a force that cannot be stopped. With the 1st annual Demon Powersports Canadian Championship Mud Racing Event under way this year, Bill is working hard to build a series on his home turf. 

This is looking to be a great year for Bill and he has our support through the rest of his journey in racing and directing the CCMR.

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